“Prices of the metal scrap remain at elevated levels”

The last weeks of 2017 led to a sharp increase in the price of the metal scrap due to and partially caused by the supplies associated with problems with the weather and the holidays.
Prices remain at high levels as the latest data about the cfr prices of supplies from Europe to Turkey are between 350-355 US$ per tonne for scrap of standard quality HMS I / II 80/20 and 355-360 US$ per tonne for shredded one. At the background of the healthy search from the Turkish factories, 2017 ended with a price of up to 370 US$.per tonne of scrap HMS I / II 80/20 from the United States and the Baltic Sea. Although the international commercial activity was to some extent limited during the first weeks of 2018, prices of the metal scrap note a slow rise in the new year, reaching the middle of January 376 US$.per tonne of scrap HMS I / II 80/20.