Modern Waste Management!


On 14 June 2018. In the Official Journal of the European Union was published legislative package for the waste of the EU; it was officially approved on 18 April by the European Parliament. This reviews the Framework Directive on Waste, the Directive of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and other directives. With the adoption of this new, ambitious package of measures for the circular economy, the European Commission aims to foster the transition of the European enterprises and consumers to a stronger and more effective circular economy, in which the resources are used more sustainably. The proposed actions will contribute to the “closure ofRead More

In the month of January, the European Commission presented its vision for the future of the plastic by calling Europe to transform the waste into an economic opportunity. According to the new strategy, all plastic packagings are to be recycled or to be subjected to a repeated use by 2030, as this can create around 200 thousand Jobs. For this to happen, the capacity of Europe for the sorting and recycling of waste should be multiplied four times – something that would cost 16.6 billion euros. “We mainly export. This has no sense in an economic or a sustainable plan. We throw away 95 %Read More

A new research of the Plastics Recyclers Europe indicates that the 65% target for the recycling of plastic packagings until 2025, is achievable. The study determines a set of measures and necessary instruments that will lead to the achievement of this rate of recycling. The proposed measures are focused on improvement of the quality and capacity of the sorting of waste from plastic packagings in the EU. An additional measure, such as “Design for recycling”, would increase the recyclability of plastic packagings on the market and would reduce the costs of sorting and recycling. Legislative incentives and effective communication along the chain, which, to allowRead More

For the second consecutive year the Bulgarian Association for Recycling /BAR/ organized ‘round table” on topic “Circular economy – opportunities for recycling”. The event which has become a tradition for BAR, was conducted on 16 February in the city of Sofia, gathering again in one place representatives of the European Commission, the European Parliament, organizations and institutions at European level, the National Assembly, the Ministry of the Environment and Water, and a great number of companies of the recycling sector. The main focus of the ‘round table’ were the opportunities of the circular economy, the new regulatory framework for the recycling industry which will putRead More

The last weeks of 2017 led to a sharp increase in the price of the metal scrap due to and partially caused by the supplies associated with problems with the weather and the holidays. Prices remain at high levels as the latest data about the cfr prices of supplies from Europe to Turkey are between 350-355 US$ per tonne for scrap of standard quality HMS I / II 80/20 and 355-360 US$ per tonne for shredded one. At the background of the healthy search from the Turkish factories, 2017 ended with a price of up to 370 US$.per tonne of scrap HMS I / IIRead More

Pre-history In July last year. China has notified the World Trade Organization for its intention to restrict the import of hazardous waste – a measure which is in accordance with the principles of the WTO, as well as with the principles of the Basel Convention. In the notification it is said that the “import of solid wastes which cause serious environmental damage and cause а serious concern will be fully banned by the end of 2017.” and “the import of solid waste which could be replaced by internal resources will gradually be terminated by the end of 2019. “. Asia: “Only a small part ofRead More