The members of the Association are prestigious companies from the industry, which deal with the collection, storage,
transportation and mechanical treatment of secondary raw materials

List of Members

Company nameMembership Type
1“Aurubis Bulgaria” ADGold
2“El Bat” ADRegular
3“MonbatRicycling” EADRegular
4“Sofia Med”Regular
5“Stam Trading”Regular
6“Steel Industry” ADAssociate
7“Aiforos Bulgaria” EADAssociate
8“Drak Pro” EOODRegular
9“Alpha Collect” EOODRegular
10“Balkan Trade Export” EOODRegular
11“Bergovi Recycling” EOODRegular
12“Bova Trans” Ltd.Regular
13“Bozhur – Annie Bozhurova” ETRegular
14“Bulsend” EOODRegular
15“Bulcredo” EOODAssociate
16“ВDK 1” EOODRegular
17“Veda Metal” EOODRegular
18“Venresource” EOODRegular
19“Via Expo” LtdAssociate
20“Secondary raw materials Varna” Ltd.Regular
21“Danion” EOODRegular
22DK “Softrade” EOODRegular
23“Euro Style Trade” Ltd.Gold
25“Ecoland consult” EOODRegular
26“Еcosteel” EOODRegular
27“Еcoresource BG” EOODRegular
28“Eks Company” EOODRegular
29“El Zet Varna” EOODRegular
30“Ngl Recycling” EOODRegular
31“Ecomet” EOODRegular
32“Impuls-Nikola Nikolov” ETRegular
33“Industrial raw materials” EOODGold
34“Investrecycling” EOODRegular
35“Eco Oil Resource” EOODRegular
36“Ecorec” EOODRegular
37“Collectresource” ADRegular
38“Ecoriveis Oil” ADRegular
39"Maxima 2008" EOODAssociate
40Oil recyclation Ltd.Regular
41“MavelPrim” EOODRegular
42“Metalvalius” EOODRegular
43“Metal Trader” EOODRegular
44“Metal Trade 66” EOODRegular
45“Metarex” Ltd.Regular
46“MH Fresh” EOODRegular
47“Nadine – H” EADRegular
48“Nadine Hold” EOODRegular
49“Nord Holding” ADRegular
50“Optokom” EOODRegular
51“Prometal Trading” EOODRegular
52“Revalon” EOODRegular
53“Resteel” EOODGold
54“Recycling Bulgaria EOODRegular
55“Roven”-Group” EOODRegular
56“Rovotel – Steel” EOODRegular
57“Rovotel FM Property” ADRegular
58“Scrap Metals” EOODGold
59“Rostehno” EOODRegular
60“Skrino” EOODRegular
61“Steal Collect” EOODGold
62“Torimeks” EOODRegular
63“Transins Industry” ADGold
64“Transins Recycling Company Varna EOODRegular
65“Universemetal” Ltd.Regular
66“Unitrade BG” Ltd.Regular
67“Unitrade 2011” Ltd.Regular
68“FeniksEksport” EOODRegular
69“HeftyMetals” EOODRegular
70“Autorek” ADregularRegular
71“Bulgarian Organization for cars” ADGold
72“Bulgarian Recycling Company” ADGold
73“Greenteh Bulgaria“ ADAssociate
74“Ecobattery” ADRegular
75“Ecobulteh” ADGold
76“Ecobulbattery” ADGold
77“Eltechresource” ADRegular
78“Nord Elrecycling” ADRegular

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