Presentation of BAR

THE “BULGARIAN ASSOCIATION OF RECYCLING (BAR) was established in 1998 under the name of“BULGARIAN ASSOCIATION OF RETAILERS OF METALS”/BARM/. In 2004. The association was renamed into the Bulgarian Association of Recycling /BAR/.

Since 2002, the association has its own permanent representative in the International Council of the environment in Brussels.


> Bureau of International Recycling /BIR/ – the largest recycling organization in the world.

Bulgarian Industrial Chamber (BIC)

> Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry /BCCI/

> Bulgarian Institute for Standardisation (BIS)

> Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria /CEIBG/

> BAR is a member of the European Confederation of Recycling Industries ( European Recycling Industries /EuRIC/ )

> European ferrous recovery & recycling federation /EFR/

> European metal trade & recycling federation /EUROMETREC/


> BAR is created in order to protect the interests of the companies which recycle secondary raw materials in the country to carry out an active dialogue with the state institutions in the protection of the legitimate rights of its members, to examine and assist the resolve issues related to the legal, economic, financial, environmental, customs, etc., aspects of the activities of the firms of the branch.

> Part of the activities of the Association include raising the awareness of the public in the correct way for the management of the materials for recycling and collection of waste, the hierarchy of the waste management, the projects of circular economy, increasing the environmental awareness of the children as a part of the future recycling societies, etc.

> As a member of the Bulgarian Institute for Standardisation (BIS), which is the National Executive Body for Standardisation in the Republic of Bulgaria, BAR actively participates in the technical committees for the standard development of WEEE (Waste of Electric and Electronic Equipment), tires for waste, etc. In this connection, the association participates in the development of the technical guidelines and in the training activities of the various regional environmental authorities, municipalities and the private sector, on the issues of the waste and the harmonized waste standards for treatment and recommended different measures and activities to cope with the difficulties in the sector for waste management. The analysis of the current situation in respect of the various materials for recycling and their management is also part of the daily work of the Association.

> The Association, through consultants and experts, participates in the development of documents for legal and strategic planning at national level, including in the National Strategy for legislation for CDW, and CDW at national level.

> BAR is a member of the working group at national level and it participates in the development of national positions for the European legislation and policy like the package for the circular economy.

> The Association organizes public discussions with the local authorities, business, state authorities concerning the development of the Waste Management Law and the auxiliary legislation. BAR also organizes trainings and seminars for exchange of experience and interaction within the waste management sector with various national, regional and local authorities.

As the only Bulgarian Branch structure, a regular member of BIR, EUROMETREC and EFR, the Bulgarian Association of recycling possesses all the rights of this prestigious international organization, and namely:

> legal protection of its members

> finding new markets

> Making internal trade contacts and the investigation of new business partners

> Issuing references

> Other services necessary in the international commercial activities of the  companies

> The BAR-member companies cover the whole spectrum – both in size (Small, Medium, Large) and a territorial scope in the field of the Waste Management.

> Prepares analysis, studies and experience in the waste management field

> Popularizes the companies interests, operating in the sector of the recycling in Bulgaria;

> Conducts a dialogue with the government and the European authorities, investigates and assists in the resolving of issues related to the legal, economic, financial, environmental, customs and other aspects.

> BAR is a member of the European Confederation of the Recycling Industries ( European Recycling Industries /EuRIC/ )



> The Legislation (including drafts) of the EU, in all areas of the Waste management.

> Acts pertaining to the obligations of the Bulgarian enterprises in connection with the conservation of the environmental components (air, soil, wateretc.),

> BAR participates in the development and improvement of the legal base, prepares analysis, studies and expert assessments in the waste management field, the tax and the social policy