Halloween is all about dressing up, having fun and candy – lots of candy. But Halloween presents a scary reality for recycling facilities because of the huge amount of waste that’s produced and often wrongly placed in recycling bins. About 12,500 tons of Halloween costumes are sent to landfills every year, according to Real Simple magazine. To cut down on this waste, donate them, or save them for the kids to play dress-up throughout the year. If you’re thinking about disposing of a costume in your recycling container, be sure you know what to throw. Typically about 30 percent of what goes into residential recyclingRead More

Some interesting and unexpected facts. While scientists around the world are confined to their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic, Earth observing satellites continue to orbit and send back images that reveal connections between the pandemic and the environment. “Satellites collect data all the time and don’t require us to go out anywhere,” Hannah Kerner, an assistant research professor at the University of Maryland in College Park, said. She is among eight researchers recently awarded a rapid-turnaround project grant, which supports investigators as they explore how COVID-19 stay-at-home measures are impacting the environment and how the environment can affect how the virus is spread. The newestRead More

Bulgarian Association of Recycling, CircPro’s Bulgarian partner, hosted on the 18th and 19th of February 2020, in Sofia, a 2-day event that gathered multiple partners and stakeholders. “Good practices and challenges in recycling – WEEE and other materials” roundtable took place during the first day of the fourth partner meeting. The event was attended by more than 100 guests, representatives of recycling companies, environmental experts, representatives of European and Bulgarian institutions. Among them were the Honorary Director of the European Commission and Chairman of the Espoo Convention Bureau – Mr. George Kremlis, a representitive of The Environment Directorate – Genereal of the European Commission –Read More

International E-Waste Day has been developed by the WEEE Forum, an international association of e-waste collection organisations. The Day seeks to encourage users to consider repairing their appliances or correctly disposing of them with the resulting increase in re-use, recovery and recycling rates. Last year more than 50 organisations from over 40 countries worldwide were involved and organised many different types of promotional activities, ranging from conferences and workshops, school and street collection campaigns to social media competitions and campaigns, and online guides and games. Pascal Leroy, Director General of the WEEE Forum, said, “The volume of e-waste is continually increasing and contains many valuableRead More

A MUM who put her recycling out in the wrong colour bags was arrested by police, a court heard. Lyndsey Webb, 34, was ordered to pay £50 after falling foul of changes to the bin collection system in her area – using black bags instead of orange. And she was arrested on a warrant by cops after missing her first court appearance in April. The rule change saw residents without storage space told they were no longer allowed to leave black bags in the street. Instead, locals needed to use orange and clear bags for waste separation. Richard Essex, prosecuting, told Suffolk Magistrates’ Court: “ResidentsRead More

Second partner meeting under the CircPro in Spain

Our Spanish partner, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development – Regional Government of Andalusia, hosted the 2-day event that gathered multiple partners, stakeholders and high-level speakers. Welcoming words for the first day were given by Francisco José Gutiérrez Rodríguez (General Secretary of Environment, Water and Climate Change – Regional Ministry of Agriculture, livestock, fisheries and sustainable development), José Antonio Miranda Miranda (General Director of economic management and services – Andalusia Health Service) and Manuel Molina Molina (General Manager of the University Hospital Virgen del Rocío). The day continued with the presentation given by Manuel Huerta Bueno (Andalusia Health Service Environmental Manager) about Andalusia’sRead More

Bulgarian Recycling Association Press

Roundtable “Circular Economy – implementation in the recycling sector” brought together companies from the industry, experts and representatives of the EC, EP, NA and MOEW. Crimes related to ferrous and non-ferrous metals have fallen as much as 5 times in the last five years, it became clear during the Round Table Economy – implementation in the recycling sector, currently being organized by the Bulgarian Recycling Association (BAR) in hotel Balkan. The third annual BAR conference brought together experts, companies from the recycling sector, representatives of the European Commission, the European Parliament, the National Assembly, the Ministry of the Environment and the Environment, organizations and institutionsRead More

On 14 June 2018. In the Official Journal of the European Union was published legislative package for the waste of the EU; it was officially approved on 18 April by the European Parliament. This reviews the Framework Directive on Waste, the Directive of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and other directives. With the adoption of this new, ambitious package of measures for the circular economy, the European Commission aims to foster the transition of the European enterprises and consumers to a stronger and more effective circular economy, in which the resources are used more sustainably. The proposed actions will contribute to the “closure ofRead More

In the month of January, the European Commission presented its vision for the future of the plastic by calling Europe to transform the waste into an economic opportunity. According to the new strategy, all plastic packagings are to be recycled or to be subjected to a repeated use by 2030, as this can create around 200 thousand Jobs. For this to happen, the capacity of Europe for the sorting and recycling of waste should be multiplied four times – something that would cost 16.6 billion euros. “We mainly export. This has no sense in an economic or a sustainable plan. We throw away 95 %Read More

A new research of the Plastics Recyclers Europe indicates that the 65% target for the recycling of plastic packagings until 2025, is achievable. The study determines a set of measures and necessary instruments that will lead to the achievement of this rate of recycling. The proposed measures are focused on improvement of the quality and capacity of the sorting of waste from plastic packagings in the EU. An additional measure, such as “Design for recycling”, would increase the recyclability of plastic packagings on the market and would reduce the costs of sorting and recycling. Legislative incentives and effective communication along the chain, which, to allowRead More