“Circular economy – opportunities for recycling”

For the second consecutive year the Bulgarian Association for Recycling /BAR/ organized ‘round table” on topic “Circular economy – opportunities for recycling”.
The event which has become a tradition for BAR, was conducted on 16 February in the city of Sofia, gathering again in one place representatives of the European Commission, the European Parliament, organizations and institutions at European level, the National Assembly, the Ministry of the Environment and Water, and a great number of companies of the recycling sector.
The main focus of the ‘round table’ were the opportunities of the circular economy, the new regulatory framework for the recycling industry which will put higher requirements for the Member States of the EU, as well as the prepared package for circular economy.
Interest sparked the topics of the waste in the circular economy, the priorities in the politics of the EU and Bulgaria, the EU strategy for plastics, aimed at reducing the plastic waste by recycling and re-use.
The “Circular economy’ is a priority of the European Union and in the preparation of the next programming period”, was adamant Mr George Kremlis, Head of the department of the General Directorate of the “Environment” in the European Commission. “To introduce appropriate incentives and instruments at legislative level with the relevant integration of the politics”, said the Chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Recycling, Mr BorislavMalinov.
During the round table, in detail were presented the funding opportunities, which are given by programs such as Horizon 2020, with a budget of over 77 billion Euros (2014-2020.), Life of the European Commission, the tool for small and medium-sized enterprises in the framework of the European Council for innovation.
The industry also presented good practices in the field of management of the construction waste, innovative technologies for sorting and innovation in the recycling.