China notifies the WTO for a ban of the import of metals, plastic, paper and other waste

China has notified the World Trade Organization for its intention to restrict the import of hazardous waste – a measure which is in accordance with the principles of the WTO, as well as with the principles of the Basel Convention.
The Commission considers that the measure is in accordance with the principle that ensures the treatment of the wastes in an eco-friendly manner. Some companies exporting recyclable waste in China, voiced concerns about the limited time which will be available for the implementation of this measure and some interested parties have warned of the impact on the European market of the potential storage of thousands of tonnes of waste from paper and plastics as it seems that the new measures will be difficult to introduce on time (end of 2017.). Interested parties need time to find alternative markets and to adapt to the new situation, and the Commission (GD Trade) needs time to reflect the changes in Regulation (EC) No 1418/2007.